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A Snack Is A Snack

It was an intense discussion at my church’s members meeting.  The adults went back and forth on the issue, explaining how they felt. Hands rose one after the other to talk about refreshments given to the children during the Sunday School break.  One person expressed that the children needed more.  Another jumped in to say that certain children were eating breakfast sandwiches, while the rest had to eat the provided snack. 

While reaching a crescendo of personal comments, my mind left the conversation, thinking about other issues yet to be discussed in the meeting.  I heard mumbling voices, and saw blurry figures raising hands to participate in this back and forth discussion about a good gesture that wasn’t good enough for some. 

My daydream was interrupted by the only clear voice I heard asking my opinion on the matter.  The room grew quiet.  Everyone wanted to hear a new voice. Thinking briefly on the matter, I responded with a glazed look on my face, “A snack is a snack.” 
Everyone laughed as I explained, “We can’t change that about it.  What we can do is change our routine to take advantage of this free gesture.”

It reminds me of how people try to change and bend things that don’t bend and change. Things like death, taxes, change, time, and people who just don’t want to change.  We would all be wasting valuable time and resources if we tried to change any of these things.  We need to, rather, change our responses to the unchanging forces in our lives.  You cannot stop taxes, just develop a proper relationship with your taxes and you’ll be alright.  You cannot live forever, but if you live your life full you will die empty of regret. 

“May God grant you the serenity to accept the things you cannot change.”

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