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Currency Is Currency

A squad car shows up 30 minutes after the emergency call is made. The fire truck arrives when the raging flames charred the building halfway through.  The news vans are a day late on covering the latest natural disaster or power outage.

We all hope these things would never happen. On the other hand, we cling to news teams who can be, the first to bring you latest news! We stick close to the people and companies who are the first to know.

Staying current on the things that affect you and your audience isn’t just a good idea, it’s currency.  You will gain respect, trust and loyalty that can be the equivalent to a bar of gold in your hand. And here’s why.  Individuals or organizations who stay current are seen as:
Leaders – The drive to lead others is a quality compels one to be current on relevant issues.

Trendy – The entity that can stay up to date on the current trends is usually linked to the currency of the trend. We see this all the time in fashion.

Savvy – People who are up on current events seem to be well informed and able.

Caring – When a person devotes a great amount of their time and resources to stay current, it usually comes from an area of passion.

Make it a priority to stay up to date on relevant trends and you might be surprised who stays up to date on you.

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