Focus On Being Interested Not Interesting

Some people sizzle. They blaze a trail excitement leaving charged emotions and comments in their wake. They don’t try. They just shine for no reason at all. People flock to them. But, what about you? You might not be as flamboyant as the superstars in your circle. One lady in particular asked a friend of mine for help in becoming more of an interesting person. She thought that if she was a little more interesting, then she would be more popular.

Many unsung nice people believe this same myth. This one dream causes so many people to be someone they’re not. What is the solution? What is the answer? How can you gain the appreciation of the masses?

Focus on being interested, not Interesting. By focusing on the other person, you automatically reach an intimate level with each individual that often exaggerated people can’t. Most times, colorful personalities don’t reach to deeper levels with others because they suck the air out of the room.   Caring about the other individual puts you in a position to have much more meaningful relationships with people who will want to return a favor for caring.

Instead of belting out the events of your own day to anyone who’d listen, focus on asking a unique question of interest to each individual. Questions like:

“How was that __________ we talked about?”

“Did you ever get to __________ ?”

“What do you do for fun?”

“What’s new?”

Let them know that you remembered important points from your last conversation.  That goes a long way.  These are examples but they help to show interest.  That’s what you want.  Let the other person talk.  They might not tell you but they will feel better around you and appreciate you for it.


You can become popular the right way.  The meaningful way.  The long-term way.  By being someone who cares about others.

Don’t look to get by on your personality.  Look to touch each person–personally.



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