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It’s Time To Start A Whole New Chapter

LIFE IS FULL of beginnings.  Our human experiences boil violently,  creating the heat of passion which fuels our flight from all-familiar comfort zones.  We don’t feel like leaving its warmth, but we know that we have to.  They also create the pressure of change that compel us to make the ultimate decision of pursuing a different course.

With every beginning, there is also an ending.  Like a great story that must move on, one chapter needs to be closed in order for the next one to be opened.  You cannot read two chapters at once.  You have to close one chapter to open another.  If you are looking to do something refreshingly new, know that something else has got to end.  Think about it like this.

Instead of adding something else to your already-busy life, you can do more to respect the good things you already have by removing one overdue, useless, painful, unproductive, and time consuming chapter that your life is begging you to shut.

Add to your life by taking something out.  Close a chapter so you can focus on the new one that is opening before you–Right Now!

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Michael Deer is an author, life coach and motivational speaker who is passionate about helping individuals explore and life in their full potential.

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