Perspective: The Greatest Value You Can Offer Any Person

We are products of our experiences.  They help to shape us. They help to set our expectations. They help us to set the boundaries of what we think is possible.  Unfortunately, those same experiences close our minds off to things outside of our environment’s culture.  I have friends who won’t even try food from different countries because they are die-hard nationalists.

The person who can effectively shift an individual’s point of view to show them a better way to look at a problem or issue, will be in great demand as a person or a professional.

We call on people who can help us see beyond our own horizons. To illustrate how important a perspective shift can be, I will tell you a personal story.

We have this terribly large wardrobe that has been sitting in our hallway collecting trinkets on top, as it took up unnecessary space in our house.  I came by and said,

“We really need to get rid of this thing.”
“We can sell it in the next yard sale we have,” she responded.
“How much?”
“Five bucks.”
I felt like she said it too casually, like she knew that she didn’t have to worry about lifting it this 5′ x 7′ x 2′ monster of a cabinet.

I replied, “5 bucks?  That thing is really heavy. Just to get it to the sale is worth more than $5 bucks.”  Without a second thought she explained, “Yes! And we can use it as a big ticket item to draw people to the event to look at other items.”

At that moment, she transcended being just my wife.  She guided me through my perception barrier to see the good that could come out of it.  I saw her as a professional yard sale consultant with years of experience.

This is also what I do as a life coach.  I help people to see past the barriers they have accepted for their life.  The things which seem to be obstacles, can also be your greatest opportunities in disguise.   Help people to see their problems from the right perspective–the place where you could affect the greatest positive outcome.

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