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Productivity Tip: Visual Voicemail

“Whateva Babe!” Alright. So, I have to give my wife the credit for this one.  She suggested time and time again, “I think you should look into this thing called visual voice mail where you can actually see the messages in your mailbox.
Now why, with all of the mind blowing advances in technology, and more specifically telecommunications over the last few years, did I think it was impossible? I am sure I will conclude on the full psychoanalysis later.

I must report, it is exactly what she said it would be.  The messages show up like they would in scrolling gallery thumbnails and you can listen to, delete, avoid, or stare with gut wrenching horror at each message.

You can also jump pass the, “hey, Mike.  I’m outside,” messages that used to wedge themselves between me and the important ones way at the back of the line. Now there is no line and my call back response times were already cut by 60%.  How’s that for a tangible result.  Stay productive.

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