How The Government Is Giving You Better Money?

new money

Get ready because your money is about to change.  I mean, literally.  The U.S. Treasury is undergoing a financial transformation.  This consists of redesign of the $20, $10, and $5 bills.  The Treasury is responsible for maintaining a Continue reading “How The Government Is Giving You Better Money?”

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Where Do You Keep Your Cash Cow!

Tomorrow, you go to the mail box.  Among your standard junk mail, there is a special envelope with a silver ticket inside of it.  With the thrill of anticipation, you slide it out and it is an invitation to an auction that is coming into town.  Nothing like it has ever been seen before.  As the news travels around town, mixed comments float through the village.  The auctioneers discovered a Continue reading “Where Do You Keep Your Cash Cow!”

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Leaked From the Book: How Fast Can You Get To $75,000?

Is your goal to be ridiculously rich?  Are you looking to have a shopping spree on Rodeo Drive?  Do you want to be able to buy a $50,000 diamond encrusted Bluetooth headset or a $20,000 toilet seat for your palatial estate if the need should arise?  Or are you interested in creating enough wealth to have the finer things in life, and give your family a sense of security, without losing touch with your roots?  Regardless of your financial dreams, this specific number has two points of Continue reading “Leaked From the Book: How Fast Can You Get To $75,000?”

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