This Works Better Than New Year’s Resolutions


“Woo Hoo!” Squinting as we brush confetti off of our faces and blow pieces of glitter from our lips.  The glorious celebration is over.  The season of hoping for the best is finished.  Now it’s time to give Continue reading “This Works Better Than New Year’s Resolutions”

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You Are 2 Steps Away From Your Next Big Breakthrough!

Oh my goodness!  You are almost there.  It’s right in front of you.  You are literally this close.  “PUSH!  PUSH!  PUSH!”  Come on!  Don’t give up now!  Wait, I have an idea.  You need a little help refocusing you for your next big breakthrough.  I teach that a breakthrough is a limit or barrier that was once strong enough to hold you back before, now destroyed and rendered ineffective, by your Continue reading “You Are 2 Steps Away From Your Next Big Breakthrough!”

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