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The Present Is Your Present

Our dreams of ideal tomorrows often catch us up into nostalgic visions of what could be, before cutting us loose to fall back into the crucible of trials and frustrations of today.  Our past demands a voice in our lives, telling us what to look out for, encouraging us to keep that chip on our shoulder, and reminds us to carry our baggage everywhere we go.  Both take their time to slowly wither away your appreciation for the only thing you truly have. Your today.

Many people get frustrated because they are focusing on the job they hope to get, the house they hope to live in, or the life they wish to have.  Others find it’s difficult to shake their history of mistakes, regrets, betrayals, hurts, and let-downs to truly appreciate the possibilities of where they are now.

The past is in the grave and the future is in the womb. The only moment you truly have is NOW! How are you living now? Are you happy now? Are you pulling out all the stops to make sure you are the best you can be right now? Are you present in your present? Are you living in the moment? Or are you waiting?

You must make a decision to focus on the gift of the present. Sure, your life might now be what you want it to be as yet. When you get there, you will definitely want more then as well. Such is the nature of Man. What makes the real difference is being able to enjoy the only moment you truly have and that is now.

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