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The Real Michael Jordan

I was attending a workshop this week.  I heard a terrific speaker mentioning the recent ESPN commercial where a guy named Michael Jordan met one disappointed face after another, thinking he was the real Michael Jordan.  I thought to myself, “Wait a minute. The real Michael Jordan?  Isn’t his guy is a real person too?  Doesn’t he have a family that sees him as a real person?”  He said it so casually like it was almost expected or accepted.  I might have even said it too if I was trying to describe the commercial.

What makes the real Michael Jordan the real Michael Jordan? He spent a lot of time practicing, made tremendous sacrifices, gave it all he had, just to make sure his name meant something.  He was determined to make his mark and he did.  Leaving behind an impressive trail of career achievements, holding many firsts in the NBA’s history.  His ascent to heights of celebrity made him a household name, to the point that he became the only person associated with the name.  After that point, any other person with the same name would be another person who had HIS name.  This is because he raised the good will in the name.  He built it to be the institution it is now.

Will you be one of the many who have your name or will you be determined and persistent enough to make your name stand for something in this World?  You have the power to make your name great.  Make up in your mind that you will be the one who is credited with making your name a household name.


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