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The Secret Your Mind Doesn’t Want You To Know About

So, you pull a piece of paper out when you have to jot down a number shouting, “wait wait wait…uh.. let me get something to write this down.”  You grab a sticky note to write your shopping list items.  You take notes in class that you, honestly, have no intentions of revisiting in the future.   Do we really give writing its fair share in our lives?  Writing is a powerful thinking tool.  The two greatest benefits to writing :

1. Placing your goals on paper – Your mind has a funny way of making you feel like thinking or talking about your goals, are actually helping you to accomplish them.  When you take your thoughts and put them on paper, you literally have to come to terms with the physical declaration you have just written.  It’s sobering to see your thought staring you back in the face.  You can’t bury or deny it then.

Try this – Write down an immediate goal (within the day) , a short-term goal ( month from now), and a long term goal (A year from now).

2. Placing your fears & obstacles on paper – This is the part that our subconscious minds really doesn’t want us to grab a hold of.  We all have fears and doubts swimming around in the back of our heads.  They are usually more speculative than they are real.   Writing them on paper removes them from the enabling environment of your subconscious mind and constrains them to their real-world size.  You will see them for what they really are.

Try it for yourself – Write down three of your biggest life fears.  Now read them aloud.

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