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The Toughest Person To Lead

One day, a young apprentice saw his master pleading with an angry man, through the thin walls of his hut.  The arid heat caused tempers to flair as the second man yelled, “I will not accept this.”

The young apprentice grabbed for a stick thinking the insolent visitor would harm his master.  He waits, as he hears a calm response saying, “I have always given you the very best.” “It must be one of those ungodly creditors,” he thought as he gripped the stick tighter.

Immediately, the curtain blew open and an ogre-like vagabond stormed out, knocking the lad to the ground.  One cold glance over his shoulder, and the apprentice identified him as, Vlaad. A helpless wanderer to whom his master showed kindness. He had not the decency to say thank you, but instead wanted pay for work done just an hour before.

The young student rushes in to lift his master to his feet and asks, “how do you keep your candle lit when such strong winds blow upon you?”

He answers, “The patience to lead anyone unfolds the moment you discover the toughest man to lead–is yourself.”

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