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Whats Your Entertainment : Education Ratio


Do you spend more time watching T.V. than you do reading a book, listening to personal development material or improving personally?  Do you have move DVD’s than there are books in your house?  There is a clear principle that the income earning level of a person is directly related to their level of education and development.  This is because:

  • the more  you learn, the better you become
  • the better you become, the more valuable you are
  • the more valuable you are, the more people and organizations will be willing to compensate you.

Put your focus on making yourself better, smarter, wiser, more social, sharper and more valuable.  You can either watch a show where other people are living their lives or you could place yourself in a position where 3 – 5 years, someone will be watching your life.  Its starts with comparing your library to your DVD rack.

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Michael Deer is an author, life coach and motivational speaker who is passionate about helping individuals explore and life in their full potential.

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