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When Michelangelo Meets Einstein?

There is an Art & Science to everything.  One seeks to create masterful expression while the other looks to manage its systems, elements, and resources for maximum impact and efficiency.  You can find them in everything from performing brain surgery to slicing meat and tomatoes for a sandwich.
There’s an Art and Science to driving, dealing with people, speaking in front of people, washing the dishes, managing finances, becoming attractive, negotiating, and even shopping.  For goodness sakes, there are people who mastered the Art and Science of getting free groceries and money back by shopping with coupons.
Its about managing the sweet spot in between,

where finesse meets analysis,

where effortlessness meets efficiency.

The Art: Operating with grace or fluidity of movement which comes from an intuition or a natural sense of what to do with each incident you come face to face with.  You have the capacity to engage each occurrence as unique and have the technique to make it what you want it to be.

The Science: All the while you are observing, analyzing, and managing everything. Immersing yourself in the details and properties of each element, ensuring the effects combine to create the intended results. Also looking over every action and sequence of actions to determine, “is this action necessary? Am I wasting energy, bearing no results? Does this combination of actions work?  What can I do to get better results?”

The Art says, “No sweat! I’m a natural at this.” The Science says, “I am absolutely consumed with every detail.”

You demonstrate this balance in everything that you do. Acknowledge the fact that you have a choice in everything, to casually do it, or to find and master The Art and Science of it.

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