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SUCCESS DELIVERED: My Formula For A 6-Figure High-End Courier Business eBook

Master Your Money Mindset In 31 Days

Money isn’t everything; But it sure is important.  The truth of the matter is we all need it to accomplish our goals and raise our family’s quality of life.  In this book you will learn some of the tips and ideas that will help you make and keep more money.

One of the most import secrets you will learn in this book is that while there are important thing money cannot buy, there are 3 things that money does buy, tilting the scale drastically in favor of the wealthy.  There is a reason why the rich keep getting richer and the poor keep getting poorer.

The big difference is how they treat money.  The wealthy see money  differently.  “The mint makes it first, but you have to make it last.”  How you think affects how you treat your money.  How you treat your money will determine your financial success.

Change your financial future today by Mastering Your Money Mindset.
One Month Daily Program / 31 Daily Challenges / Keys Tips & Quotes / Helpful Charts & Diagrams

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Discover Your Life Purpose In 31 Days

“The purpose of life is a life of purpose.” Some people go through life being lived instead of truly living.  Others look back at years of mistakes and wasted time asking, “What have I been doing with my life?”

When you know where you are going, you make less mistakes in life. You owe it to yourself, your future, and everyone else, to find out what on Earth you were placed here to do.   Power and Passion can only be unlocked when you dial into your life purpose.  In this book you’ll learn to recognize, detect and pursue your purpose.

Learn the importance of finding your place.  Find out the 4 things that makes a person unstoppable.   Grasp the keys to living a life of impact.  Pursue the life you want.  Find Your Life Purpose.

One Month Daily Program / 31 Daily Challenges / Keys Tips & Quotes / Helpful Charts & Diagrams

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Develop Winning Leadership In 31 Days

How much clout do you really have?  Do you have any personal power?  When you speak, do people listen?  Can you get others to do what you want them to do-because they want to?  How do the average attract passionate armies of devoted workers and believers, going the extra mile, giving of themselves, beyond the call of duty?

In this book, you’ll learn the starting point of leadership, why your title isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, the essential qualities that every good leader possesses, why you need to be first, and how to deal with annoying people, by first lead yourself, then attracting the wonder of others in the process.

Build your Dream Team now!  Develop Winning Leadership.

One Month Daily Program / 31 Daily Challenges / Keys Tips & Quotes / Helpful Charts & Diagrams

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Double Your Productivity In 31 Days

Are you tired of doing a lot yet a lot is not getting done?  Do you feel burned out by lunch time?  Do you feel like it’s hard to get ahead?  Would you love to get more done in the day?

In this book, you’ll learn the art of being productive.  You may have great intentions for the things you want to accomplish but good intentions are not enough.  You need the skills that make the productive produce.  You will learn about time management, success mindset, how to properly seize opportunities that present themselves.

You deserve to have a track record of success and achievement.  Finally get the recipe book for Market-shaking productivity.

One Month Daily Program / 31 Daily Challenges / Keys Tips & Quotes / Helpful Charts & Diagrams

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UNLEASHED: Tapping Into The Divine Flow

UNLEASHED Michael Deer

You will receive the answers to these questions in this candid, thought-provoking look into the Divine Flow. Throughout the pages of this widely anticipated journey of empowerment, you will learn about the 8 Powers we have been gifted with and how God uses them to activate us for world-class exploits.

Find out how revelation can save you years of wasted time and costly mistakes. See how inspiration pushes you to unlock potential and action that you never thought you had. Realize how creativity puts you in sync with God. Learn why you need to respect imagination.

Find out what articulation is and how it can change the world. You will learn why timing, preparation, and humility are the secret weapons to your success and divine purpose. You will realize that all along you were the only thing preventing the rise of the champion inside of you.

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