SUCCESS DELIVERED: My Formula For A 6-Figure High-End Courier Business Full-color ebook

Is the opportunity?

There is a world of opportunity in this essential $428 Billion Global Market set for 7% Average Growth per year. The independent courier business is one of easiest businesses to get into because the cost of entry is so low.

You don’t need much to start. That, is also why it’s a tough business. There are so many amateurs who aren’t serious about building a business. I’ve seen the best and worst of the industry in the 8 years it took me to fumble my way to the top.

I am confident that My Formula For A 6-Figure High-End Courier Business will help you develop a thriving high-end courier business in 12-18 months. Here’s why I’m so confident.

What’s Inside The Guide?

  • A diagram of the exact pathway to premium pricing
  • 13 Startup ideas for your to decide your area of specialization
  • 11-point vehicle purchase checklist
  • List of places to find your first jobs and step by step walkthrough of my first jobs
  • Broker & Vendor scripts refined to give you top consideration for jobs
  • The 4 Questions to ask a Vendor to make sure you set the right price everytime
  • 6 Load boards to start your search on day 1.
  • Where to search for immediate local jobs
  • 4 Service-based companies who may have hidden jobs for you
  • 3 Pricing Formulas to set your prices professionally
  • Equipment checklist for high-end clientele
  • Insight about clients and vendors from 8 years of experience
  • Step-by-step walkthrough on How to complete a successful delivery
  • 3 Pitfalls of expanding you MUST avoid


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14.4MB / PDF Format / 65-pages

The ONLY 5 Basics you need to master to upgrade your clientele