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My vision is to see "Every Dream Realized." Each person placed on this Earth has a reason for being. I always say there are two great days in a man's life: The day he is born and the day he discovers why.

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I have dedicated my life to being a resource for dreamers. The people who dare to think the unthinkable and pursue their dreams. I've been busy cataloging my best research and experiences into the works you see below. Everything I do, say, and create is to help you succeed at living the life you want to live.

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I can't teach you how to become a World-Class chef or a daring Stuntman. I can guide you through your decision to change your life and help you to keep moving through the obstacles you will face. Check out my featured books below. Don't forget to download each 5-step infographic, too.

  • C R E A T I V I T Y

    5 steps to creativity

    “Creativity is intelligence having fun.” ‐ Albert Einstein

    1. Created To Create ‐ I believe we were created to create
    2. Bleek To Unique ‐ Go from copier to creator
    3. Imagine ‐ Imagination creates the future
    4. Create ‐ It take skill and enthusiasm to bring our invisible ideas to life.
    5. Explain ‐ introduce your new creation. The world needs you to show them.
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  • P U R P O S E

    5 steps to purpose

    “The purpose of life is to live a life of purpose.” ‐ Robert Byrne

    1. Didn't Ask For This ‐ You do not pick your purpose
    2. So you must discover ‐ You’re not born knowing your purpose
    3. Reflect and Evaluate ‐ Listen to the song your soul has been singing.
    4. Decide ‐ Resolve to pursue your passion no matter the cost or obstacles
    5. Severance package ‐ Strategically plan to your exit from where you are to where you want to be
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  • P R O D U C T I V I T Y

    5 steps to productivity

    “Focus on being productive rather than busy.” ‐ Tim Ferris

    1. Time:Production ‐ Your productivity is measured by how much you can do in a certain amount of time.
    2. Time is a constant ‐ You cannot change that
    3. Stop wishing ‐ Don't you wish you had more time? Well don’t.
    4. Get Better ‐ You can’t slow time down but you can increase your skill.
    5. Focus ‐ Give your attention to one task and unleash your full potential.
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  • P R O S P E R I T Y

    5 steps to prosperity

    “Money isn’t everything but everything needs money” ‐ Unknown

    1. Understand your dream ‐ Money shouldn't be your ultimate goal. It is just a tool
    2. Cost vs Value ‐ Learning the difference between cost and value
    3. Read Between The Lines ‐ Learn financial literacy for a strong financial foundation
    4. Protect save invest ‐ These are the three money missions in life. One builds towards the next.
    5. Create a Plan ‐ Create the strategy for your financial progress
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  • L E A D E R S H I P

    5 steps to leadership

    “Leadership is action not position” ‐ Donald McGannon

    1. What is leadership? ‐ To take yourself and others to a place you’ve never been before
    2. Why you should lead? ‐ The decision to lead should start with service
    3. Your toughest follower ‐ Take personal responsibility & learn to lead yourself
    4. Results ‐ Others will want you to lead them
    5. Leading ‐ They will duplicate (follow) the way you lead yourself
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  • R E F R E S H

    5 steps to a refresh

    “A breakthrough occurs when you recognize you are more energy than matter.” ‐ Caroline Myss

    1. Stale stuck stagnant ‐ This is the default for anyone who isn't intentional about living.
    2. Conditioned Mindset ‐ Living isn't for the weak.
    3. Aware Of The Snare ‐ Identify your hidden emotional traps
    4. Prepare To Fight ‐ Arm yourself with the tools to fight the mediocrity in your life.
    5. Fresh Starts ‐ Recharge your excitement and passion, on demand
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