Michael can speak at your corporate event, faith based organization, or special occasion on a list of relevant topics. To give you a taste of what to expect, here are some of the most requested topics.

How To Double Your Productivity In 30 Days!

We are truly our own worst enemies when it comes to personal performance. Fears, self doubts, and daily inefficiencies sap our lives of the potential to perform at our own optimal levels. You will learn some techniques to gather the resources of the mind and develop the right relationship with time (which is the only factor of performance we cannot change) to maximize what we can do in a day, month, week, or year.

The Power Of Passionate Purpose

Energy is a by-product of passion. It is a proven fact that people give more when they are passionate about what they are doing. Unconsciously, many have robbed their lives of massive potential by doing things that do more for others than themselves. We take a step by step approach to finding the inner passions that have been locked away. You will find that after our time together, the new direction you discover will also bring your passion and excitement back to the table.

Be Unstoppable

Limits are self imposed. Technically, there are no limits that cannot be worked around. In this talk, we will discuss the skills and mindsets that will make you truly unstoppable. When you understand time, creativity, persuasion and other elements work together, you will be confident that your next project or venture will move forward with massive momentum, breaking through any obstacle you encounter.

You Are What You Attract

Nothing happens by chance. Who told the people you don’t like, that they can be a part of your life? Why do you keep having the same problems with the same people? Why does it seem like nothing ever gets better? The answer to all these questions is you. The people you attract are a reflection of your beliefs, habits, and attitudes. In this sobering talk, you will learn how to attract better friends, colleagues, and opportunities to you in a matter of weeks. You can renovate you life with one day of reflection together.

It’s Easy Dealing With Difficult People

There is no such thing as a difficult person. Only human beings with different values and passions. These values are protected and defended without compromise. How valuable would it be if you could learn simple techniques that would make even the most difficult person turn into one of your biggest supporters? We will develop the skills necessary to lead varying personalities to a common goal.



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