100 People Who Change The World: Guess Where I Found Them?

Just the other day, at the supermarket checkout line I was in, the usual struggle of wills took place, “Mike, just keep your head pointed straight ahead.  Don’t even look at all those

colorful candy wrappers.  No time for regressing,” my mind sternly instructed my heart.  I took a glance down at the tabloid section, at about knee height and to my surprise, I saw what I thought had no place among the sensual and unsavory pleasures of the over stimulating checkout line.  I was completely shocked.  I could not wait one more second, I grabbed for this magazine, as if to save it from ravenous wolves or a pack of misbehaving friends.

This, book (as I would later find out that it wasn’t a magazine) looks into the influence of key people in four distinct categories: philosophical, political, innovative and cultural leaders, making it more valuable than the priceless first edition of a comic book series.  It’s a road map for a life of purpose for a person like me, who believes that we were all placed on this Earth to improve the Earth.   “100 of the most influential people in the World? Explored by one of the most respected publications in the World?”  It can’t get any better than that.  While attempting to build a life which would affect others on a global scale, it’s important to do so on the shoulders of previous International Ambassadors who’s stories pave the way of possibilities for us.

With everyone from Jesus Christ to Steve Jobs considered for the 100 list, we can all find the key thought or action that could take our lives from bright to blinding as we shine from day-to-day.  Thank you TIME, LIFE, or LIFE Books (whichever one floats their boat) for making the pursuit a little easier for people like us.


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Emily Dillingham
Emily Dillingham
11 years ago

Sounds like quite a list. I’d have to think about who I’d put on this list. Steve Jobs, of course. The Clintons. The Obamas. Bill Gates. Mike Bloomberg. And those are just recent names.

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