Get Back On!


Everyone on the face of the Earth has to deal with the ups and downs of life.  We are whipped up-side down-ways by the craziness and drama of our chaotic days and lonely nights.  We ride the roller coaster with our eyes clamped shut while our hands firmly gripping the cold metal safety bar, which seems to be (oddly enough) the most comforting part of the ride.  After such a terrifying experience, I wouldn’t blame the person who says, “NEVER AGAIN!”  Once bitten twice shy sums up this sentiment pretty well.  Life doesn’t seem to be so polite as to ask whether we are ready to get back on the roller coaster or not.  Either we suck it up, strap in or get left behind.  There seems to be little sympathy for the person who was hurt by broken trust or the person who is afraid to try because of past failure.

How could you possibly find courage to get back in the Game Of Life after being sidelined by a nasty injury?  Why should you get back up after being knocked down? After all, it is more comfortable laying on the ground.  Something New!  That’s why!

There are new experiences that are waiting for us on the other side of the door.  Ideas and opportunities you could never have imagined nor planned are calling your name.  You will never know them, however, if you stop moving forward.  You will never embrace them if you stay in one place, giving fear the power over your progress.

As a rule of thumb, never let an experience you don’t like, to prevent you from an experience you would like.  If you allow your fear of a past failure to stop you from trying, you cut off the possibility of you ever finding your good experiences.

As a second rule of thumb, never let an experience you would rather forget be the most unforgettable thought in your mind.  If you were told “No” or rejected, don’t give up until you get a “yes” and are accepted.

Do your best to overwhelm the bad experiences in your life with a flood of new refreshing, enriching experiences today.


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3 months ago

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