The Foundation For A Better Life: Influence Top 10 Cheat Sheet

You’ve seen the commercials. You’ve felt the inspiration flowing through your fancy new LED TV, touching your heart and leaving a memorable mark in your life.  Well, the Foundation For A Better Life is a non-profit organization that has been spreading positive values for over a decade.  They spread their “Pass it on” campaign through Billboards, Television and Radio advertisements.  They do this out of a belief that we are want to be good, it’s only that we need a little nudge and reminder sometimes.

Knowing how I love life-hacks and all, I saw something that I thought we could look at together.  How would you like to know the values and virtues most humans want to see in other?  This meaning, how would you like to know what people are looking for in you?  Even better, how would you like the cheat sheet (even thought they have a whole campaign telling kids not to cheat on their tests )?    I have located their “TOP TEN VALUES” rated and ranked by visitor hits and traffic.    Real humans like you and I telling the World what they are looking for.

Enjoy it.  See how you could use this tool for your quest to Leadership & Influence.

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