4 Awesome Business Start Up Links

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I am an avid supporter of Entrepreneurs.  I believe we can never reach our fullest potential on a job.  There are more reasons why, than I have space to write.  Long story short:  If you want to write your own checks then you have to Continue reading “4 Awesome Business Start Up Links”

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The Secret How A Catholic School Hit The $24 Million Jackpot

What do a Catholic School and Mega Millions Jackpot have in common?  Hopefully–NOTHING!  However, Saint Francis High School, founded in 1954, won big on what many of us would call a Tech-Investment Gamble.

Back in 2012, the board of the Saint Francis High School in Mountain View, California, (SFHSMV) invested $15,000 in seed money for Continue reading “The Secret How A Catholic School Hit The $24 Million Jackpot”

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8 Powerful Business Marketing Ideas

Use Social Media Emoji to do Human Business

You are a real person.  Your customers are real people, too.  Using emoji on social media can help you connect with them, as this post by Continue reading “8 Powerful Business Marketing Ideas”

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How The Government Is Giving You Better Money?

new money

Get ready because your money is about to change.  I mean, literally.  The U.S. Treasury is undergoing a financial transformation.  This consists of redesign of the $20, $10, and $5 bills.  The Treasury is responsible for maintaining a Continue reading “How The Government Is Giving You Better Money?”

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What’s The Difference: Trademark, Copyright, Patent?


Patents, copyrights and trademarks provide protection for owners of intellectual property.  As our world becomes more digital and informational, we place greater value on Continue reading “What’s The Difference: Trademark, Copyright, Patent?”

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