The 7 best guiding principles in life

best guiding principles in life

We are all trying to live our best life on this spinning planet.  Life is also a winding journey of ups and downs.   What do you do when you lose grip–of life?  I hope to share the best guiding principles in life with you. 

  • We all try to hold on to this world as it spins around. 
  • We get smacked down sometimes.
  • We lose grip as some flying debris makes contact with our precious faces.

These principles have been like a code that I live by.  Additionally, these ideas helped me to keep my head above the water when my family was struggling to make ends meet.  After all, I’m so glad that period of my life is over.  I’m basically saying that I know that there guiding principles are life-changing.  Well, we will begin.

Imagine your last moment approaches  

I would like you to imagine that you are on your deathbed ripe of old age, having lived a full life.  Some younger person has taken care of you for a few years and has become like a son to you.  You are sad to say goodbye, but you must because your fading body won’t allow to say much else.  Afraid that you will not be able to give anything else in a few moments, you use your last strength to deliver your greatest gift to this young man.  Your final words of wisdom.  Do you know what would they be?  What would you say to him, with dying passion, so that he would know to keep it near his heart for the rest of his life?

best guiding principles in life

What are the 7 best guiding principles in life?

If that were me, these are the 7 guiding principle I would deliver to him.

Guiding principle #1 – Honor God

We live in the world where the landscape is so diverse and people have so many thoughts and ideas about God.  Some people believe mother nature is God. Others believe the universe is god. Did you know that some people even believe they are God?  How about the people who believe there is no God? Well, one thing I can tell you by living long enough is that there is a God and we are not God.  I can cite 4 things: 

  • we live in a world that we had nothing to do with creating.
  • we are living a life that we didn’t invite ourselves into,
  • we need to be governed and policed
  • we are morally imperfect.

I believe that there is a God because the beauty of nature is far too much to be left up to happen stands in coincidence. Just like we are capable of creating beauty, The beauty and complex design of natural laws and ecosystems required the agency of an intelligent Creator. Basically, yes I believe God is real and he revealed himself to me as Jesus, the Christ.  I get that not everyone believes what I believe, But this is what I would share if I today was my last day.  

So the meat of this guiding principle is to recognize that there is a higher power who is higher than us bigger than or thinking wiser than our wisdom. This is the beginning of wisdom and knowledge.

Guiding principle #2 – Seek Justice In All You Do

It’s no secret that we live in a world that is beautiful yet corrupt. If Disturb your utopian view of our generation.I think that you haven’t looked around lately.  Just looking at the news real and one evening alone will cause you to lose a bit more faith in humanity.  Although we expect our elected officials to care for our needs, some prefer to line their own pockets.

We hope that law enforcement officers who take an oath to protect and serve avoid being corrupted by the power they gain.  Everyone has the potential to be corrupted.  The lower intention is to think that you can live like that and get away with it forever.  Although we know that is not true, getting away with it is so sweet and thrilling. I would tell this young man:

  • not to give in to the temptation.
  • to do what is right
  • even though he may seem like he made a mistake.
  • take the high road
  • although the people on the low road seem like they’re having way more fun.
  • not to spend his time with people who proudly break the law.
  • don’t cleave to people who have no respect for authority. 

I would tell him not to be jaded or discouraged by the dysfunction around him. He should keep the ideal of how things should be in his heart and in his mind. Look To Do the right every chance you get.

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Guiding principle #3 – Have Respect And Love For Yourself

We’ve all had someone we’ve respected and someone we’ve loved.  These two emotions are powerful instruments of surrender.  When you respect someone, you will change your mind and opinion just because they said something. At times you will do things that you normally wouldn’t do simply because you respect a person. 

The same goes for someone you love. We know that love is blind. That means you don’t see truth or reason when you are caught in the throws of love. You do foolish things and do not see the consequences of certain actions. All you can see is the beauty and glory of the one you love.   These 2 feelings are amazing gifts that we have in our lives. They help us escape from the dullness of a boring life.

I believe that giving these 2 powers away to other people without giving yourself a taste of these glorious gifts will lead to emotional poverty.  Other people will always be able to manipulate. They will be able to give you things that you will be missing emotionally. 

When you first respect yourself, You will think about what other people have to say, but also consider what you have to say as well. You will know where their opinions end and your character begins. When you love Yourself, You will Do some crazy things like say no to gifts and offers that come from narcissistic and toxic love. Unlike this conditional love, where you have to give up something to get something in return:

  • You will have learned to be your own best friend
  • Forgiving yourself
  • Enjoying spending time with–you
  • Being kind to yourself
  • Making time for yourself
  • Willing to listen
  • Not judging yourself

So before you respect and love other people learn to give yourself some respect and love first.

Guiding principle #4 – Treat People How You Want To Be Treated

I’ve learned that life is incomplete without the gift and beauty of others contributing to your story. The right people help you to complete your journey with excellence vision and support.  Yes, people can be annoying. They can be selfish at times. They can be close-minded and ignorant, only thinking about what affects them. Sometimes they forget to be compassionate, unaware about how their actions affect you. 

This is true. I was affected by this for many years having trust issues. I didn’t believe that the instability of people was a worthy price for The beauty of friendship. I’m still learning. I’m still breaking down walls to let people in. I can tell you that when you treat people the way you would like to be treated, they begin to reciprocate.  You teach them how to treat you. Treat them the way you would like to be treated. I know that was a mouthful but read it slowly and you will understand what I mean.

Guiding principle #5 – Never stop learning

People say they are experienced and have lived a long time. While their age may dictate that they have existed a long time on earth, their mindset and more specifically their close mindedness reveals that they have not been living for all those years.

I believe that when a person stops learning they stop living. They stop growing and expanding as individuals and all they do from that point is continue to exist. This meant that all the are doing is extending who they were yesterday. When you learn, you grow, shape and transform your life by transforming your mind. You open the doors to possibilities.

When you just cut off learning because you think it’s dumb stupid, vain or useless, you cut off your own doorway to a radiant new opportunity. This type of blessing comes only to those who greet the new day as a new people. Never stop learning. The day you do is the day you stop living.

Guiding principle #6 – Bring people together

These last 2 guiding principles are more so about finding success in life. This is one of the greatest purposes of the best guiding principles in life. If I had one final chance to impart some wisdom into someone who would continue to live on beyond me, I would tell them that to find success may seem elusive.

It may also seem confusing. Many people will have formulas and recipes for the big break and the get rich quick schemes. There will be no shortage of opportunities and no shortage of snake oil Salesmen.  Schemes can easily trap you these days. Sophisticated charlatans prey on the innocent and pure hope of those wanting to do better.

So I would give as an antidote to these deceptions the simple, full and timeless quality of bringing people together.   This could both creating friendship where they once was conflict as well as organizing shy parties to join each other. They will synergize each other’s efforts. They will celebrate this skill in you over time.

Through the years you will learn volumes from it. For it will teach you the ebb and flow of human emotion and human nature. You will eventually gain a wisdom about leadership progress and life by challenging yourself to be the unifier and the power broker 

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Guiding principle #7 – Persist until successful

I’d use my last breath to share the endless wisdom of this last guiding principle in life.  Though our existence is amazing and filled with so many different experiences, we can all agree that life can be difficult.  It seems to target those souls who dare to have a vision for their life.

It seems to concentrate the most vicious force against the underdog who has resolved to pursue happiness.  They’re not meant to break us. For some, perhaps it is. The have already ascribed this meaning to the obstacles of life. Are they right ? 

They are only as right as the contrary soul who thinks in direct opposition, that life is a proving ground. To each man that belief creates their reality. The obstacles in life are but a filter.  On one side, every excited hopeful who boasts of grand feats and glimmering futures. On the other, only those resilient, tenacious giants who would not quit.

They prove they were meant to win. They look fear, failure and defeat square in the eyes shouting, NO to them. Such powerful people only say YES to success.  Never give up. Never give in.  Persist. Stick with it. Don’t stop until you’re successful.

Final Thoughts

Wow. thank you for talking this Journey with me. Don’t worry, I’m not really on my way out of life, or anything. I’m still alive and kicking. Isn’t imagination powerful?  I hope you took a good read of my 7 best guiding principles in life.  I would love to hear from you. What are your guiding principles in life?

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