What Is The Wheel Of Life?

I know I know… the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the term, “wheel of life” is Disney’s animated movie, “The Lion King.”  Although it won’t be as exciting as an exotic adventure in the African plains, the wheel of life can help you with three important things:

  • Shows your personal snapshot of where your life is right now – So many people live in denial to the forces which are weighing in on their lives, partly because they do not want to associate with the negative emotions attached to them.  Over time, we develop coping, compensation, and avoidance mechanisms to preserve a sense of peace and bliss.  The wheel of life helps us to isolate each area of our lives individually, revealing the thoughts and actions which support or erode that area.  For example, it helps John to separate his dissatisfaction with his job from the issues he is having in his love life.
  • Breaks one confusing life into 8 manageable compartments – Have you ever tried to find the special sauce or seasonings of your favorite sandwich or meal?  It’s kind of difficult to get down to the bottom of the coriander when the harsh fennel seed overtones are screaming at your taste buds, right? Well, it’s the same way with our lives.  When one area (especially an area that is unusually more important to us) of our life is out of synch, it no doubt affects other areas. However, care must be taken to deal with each area individually to find out how strong its own structure and support is.  The wheel of life helps you to focus on one area of your life at a time, which helps to keep your life in better balance.
  • Helps define what success means to you – Success is subjective.  This means as an individual you have a certain picture of what success looks like.  You have a success checklist.  These are things which must be accomplished for you to be successful.  The Wheel of Life helps you define success for the 8 compartments of life, giving you a clear pathway for your pursuit of personal success.

We have a downloadable resource for you to use in your quest for your life’s success.

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