Where Do You Keep Your Cash Cow!

Tomorrow, you go to the mail box.  Among your standard junk mail, there is a special envelope with a silver ticket inside of it.  With the thrill of anticipation, you slide it out and it is an invitation to an auction that is coming into town.  Nothing like it has ever been seen before.  As the news travels around town, mixed comments float through the village.  The auctioneers discovered a herd of Cash Cows in a remote grass lands haven.  No one else knows the location.  They travel from place to place looking for locals who would buy one of their Sterling Steers from them.

As your closest neighbors catch wind of the event, they are dash eagerly to your house to see what you think about this fairy tale proposition of a cow that makes money.  With a strong country twang, Wilbur asks,

“Say man, yuh aint gonna buy that there loada’ Malarky, are ya?”

“Well, uh…I hadn’t decided yet!”

Yes you did.  You tucked the ticket away in a safe place.   Wilbur your friend.  He almost convinces you with his passion.  However, you knew that Wilbur doesn’t even have two pennies to rub together and you just know that he is the last one to talk about anything that has the word cash in it.  What do you do?  You decide to go to the auction.

The day comes and hopefuls line up to see the mystical creatures in the makeshift showroom tents.  They’re nomads.  What did you expect?  The three cows are escorted to the stage and the spokesperson, wearing a weathered felt top hat, beckons to you while shouting to the audience,

“To prove that this is no hoax, ladies and gentlemen, we will choose one of your very own.  One lucky local will get the chance to experience this once in a lifetime experience–today!”

As you approach the stage, he smiles with assurance that you will purchase the flagship steer, Axel.  “Come here, sir.  Place your hand on the stomach and rub in a circular motion three times.”

“Like this?”

“Yes, but a little less square and more of a circle, like that.  Now, milk it.”


You have to buy the cow, bu once you do, it will pay you back many times over.



A cash cow is a venture that pays you consistently on its own.

A cash cow is also a business or system that you can milk at will.

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