You Are 2 Steps Away From Your Next Big Breakthrough!

Oh my goodness!  You are almost there.  It’s right in front of you.  You are literally this close.  “PUSH!  PUSH!  PUSH!”  Come on!  Don’t give up now!  Wait, I have an idea.  You need a little help refocusing you for your next big breakthrough.  I teach that a breakthrough is a limit or barrier that was once strong enough to hold you back before, now destroyed and rendered ineffective, by your velocity and momentum.  Once you burst past that barrier, it will never hold you back again.  That is what constitutes a breakthrough.  Anything less than that–is just a “break.”  Well, how do you build up the steam to knock down walls or blast clear of your obstacles?

First stepSimplify – You have too many things happening in your life right now.  There are too many useless tasks left open, hanging in the wind, creating drag as you try to build speed.  You have to be honest with yourself.  If you have more than 3 strategic priorities, none of them are priorities at all.  Cut something out of your life or at least place it to the side, if it’s not one of the three.  This is where you have to be disciplined enough to say “NO” to some people, places, or things.  No, may not mean no forever.  You just need you “no” now.

This first step can affect your life in such a positive way because most times we feel obligated to keep every task or project open in the fore front of our mind.  When you eliminate all but the three priorities for that week or month, you force yourself to make a choice.  As you decide what is most important, you are actually guiding the direction of your life towards the top three priorities you have selected.  You get a great deal of clarity from this one act.  Things start making a little more sense.


Second stepGive it all you’ve got – Oh yes!  Get ready for take off.  Raise the throttle to full open.  Put the pedal to the medal.  How else can I say this?
Turn the volume all the way up and make an ear scraping statement with your actions.  Now that you have your new found clarity.  Now that you are no longer stretched in a hundred directions.  Now that you can count on one hand the things that you need to accomplish, you can confidently take the limits off of your potential.

You can take the leash off the dog.  You can let the bull out of the gate.  Get radical.  Stay late.  Work all night!  Make the day count.  Yes, I wouldn’t normally encourage you to wear yourself out but, you are right there.  It takes radical action to push you over that hump.  You can go back to your normal routine after you have shattered that record in your own life.  Now is the time to give it everything you’ve got!

Remember, the priorities will draw the passion out of you because they are the best of the best.  You will have the energy (which is a by-product of passion) you will have a clear mental path.  All you have to do is make a decision and create an action plan to apply your massive energy to create some mind blowing results.

When you decide to decide, you tell your heart, soul, and mind to get ready.  When are you going to finally finish that work the World has been waiting for?  When will you right that song; formulate that business plan?  You are two steps away from any goal you want to attain.  Put one foot in front of the other and go for it TODAY!

Don’t wait!  Start Right NOW!  Really!  Grab a piece of paper and start naming the one hundred things you feel you have to do and cut out the 97 that you can do later.  Focus on your top three for the next 2 weeks!

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