5 Ways To Supercharge Your Down Time

If you’re reading this blog, you’re probably the type of person that is always on the move. You have a long list of things that you have to do, yet the pool of time to accomplish them is shrinking with each tick of the clock. You shouldn’t lose your mind over this though. Rest and relaxation have their place in our sprint to

success. When you add time for rest and use your down time more effectively, you can hijack that guilt complex in your overactive mind to finally work with your body’s natural rhythm and maximize your peak moments of energy throughout your day.

Learning in your spare time

Dr. Stephen R. Covey taught on the importance of your E : E ratio. That is the ration between your Education & Entertainment. You can learn and grow while you are shooting the breeze. I always believe that learning is (and supposed to be ) fun. When you engage growth from a place of excitement, you don’t have to put a hold on learning to enjoy life. Learning, then, brings excitement to your life.


Recharging is a part of dominating

Leading research has found that our bodies pulse through cycles of peaks and valleys of energy throughout the day.  This phenomenon has been called the Ultradian Rhythm. This research suggests that we all have a 90 minute energy cycle, where our bodies need some type of rest or down time to recharge.  This shouldn’t be a surprise to us.  It’s like breathing or our heart beating.  We have to breathe in then breathe out.  Our heart has to take in blood in order to pump it out.  Schedule some time to recharge your batteries and you will be sharper when you’re at your peak.


Do something inspirational

Ok, I can admit that sometimes you just want to binge watch your favorite show on Netflix and call it a Lazy Day.  Chances are, you deserve it so, I won’t judge.  However, there are some shows that are dangerous to watch, even though everyone may be talking about them, and even though you’re a big man/woman and can handle the content.  I’m sure you’ve heard and seen it all before but, my issue is with your soul.  When you are relaxed and you watch entertainment that is degrading, cynical, depressing, and generally destructive to the positive morals and virtues, it leaves a residue, whether we know it or not.  So, choose your entertainment carefully.  Choose to inspire yourself.


Have a pad ready

It’s 2017.  Who walks around with a notepad these days?  I know the thought of carrying an extra item around with you might cramp your minimalist lifestyle so, I have an alternative for you.  Download a notepad app on your phone (if you hadn’t already) like colornote or evernote and get ready to use it.  It’s in those moments when your brain has a chance to breathe, that truly refreshing thoughts emerge and excite you.


Get fresh air

Sometimes simply changing your scenery can make the difference in your day.  I know that for me, spending too much time glued to my computer screen can drive me  nuts.  I become Stir-Crazy.  I strap on my boots and go for a walk or drive (with the windows open) to get some fresh air, literally.  I confess this one tool has helped me to crack the final numbers in codes and puzzles that stumped me all day.  Do yourself a favor.  Get some fresh air for a fresh idea.

There you have it.  Down time doesn’t ave to make you feel guilty.  You can still move forward while laid back.  Take some time out for yourself, and don’t feel guilty about it.  You have 23 more hours in the day to be a Work-aholic.


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