8 Powerful Business Marketing Ideas

Use Social Media Emoji to do Human Business

You are a real person.  Your customers are real people, too.  Using emoji on social media can help you connect with them, as this post by

Aleh Barysevich at the Social Media Examiner explains. You can also see commentary on the post over on BizSugar.

Marketing for Local Business

Reaching out to your local community is a different marketing challenge altogether.  In this Mobile Marketing Helper blog post, Kevin Cortez shares some essential tools for local marketers.

Free Your Brick and Mortar Business’ Soul

You are a Brick and Mortar business now and you have a physical location.  Why trap your business’ soul there?. You can find some potential benefits for brick and mortar businesses going online in this Revel post by Caitlin Stanley.

Understand Google AdWords Once And  For All

Google AdWords can be a really helpful.  It can also be very confusing for newbies.  Gary Shouldis of 3Bug Media discusses more here. And BizSugar members chime in with their own thoughts too.

Build Links Without Creating Content

Content marketing can be a powerful tool for businesses. But it’s not the only way to increase your reach online. This Marketing Land post by Andrew Dennis explains how you can build links without creating your own content.

Define Your Brand Voice

You have a voice.  The way you consistently and generally communicate.  This is your Brand Voice. And you can define and create the right voice for your brand using the tips in this post by Jomer Gregorio on the CJG Digital Marketing blog. You can also see input on the post from the BizSugar community here.

Reign In The SEO Success Strategy

SEO is a necessary evil. There is no way to properly grasp how important it is to your online presence.  Let’s just say it’s the difference between being center stage at a televised Madison Square Garden event and playing your detuned guitar for that solitary music-lover in the dimly lit subway tunnel.  For five steps to a successful SEO strategy, check out this Search Engine Journal post by Sergey Grybniak.

Grow a Site to 10,000+ Visitors a Month

You have to get people to your site before you can call them a customer.  Anil Agarwal details how you can quickly grow your site visits each month in this post from Basic Blog Tips.

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