This Works Better Than New Year’s Resolutions


“Woo Hoo!” Squinting as we brush confetti off of our faces and blow pieces of glitter from our lips.  The glorious celebration is over.  The season of hoping for the best is finished.  Now it’s time to give it your best.  This is a critical time for billions of people around the world who are gearing up to face their New Year’s Resolutions head on.

They Don’t Work

You may not know this but, resolutions are pretty ineffective at getting you the change you want. Studies show that over 80% of resolutions are abandoned by the second week of February.  There’s a really good reason for that.  In my training, I reveal why so many people fail the moment they plan a resolution for a specific date.

“The problem isn’t with the resolution. The problem is in waiting for New Year’s.”

The problem isn’t with the resolution. The problem is in waiting for New Year’s.  This kind of waiting and planning to start something is a sign that the expectations are in the wrong place.   Think about it like this:  If you had a plan to lose weight (or release weight), wouldn’t that change your life for the better?  Wouldn’t it improve your health? Yes!

Well, why would you delay a health decision like that?  Or a better question is, what could be more important than starting that plan immediately?  It’s the false expectation we place on a day that deceives us as soon as we step hard and steady.  I always say that if you’re going to start a resolution,  August 15 is just as good as January 1st.

The Secret Revealed

There is a hidden secret that has never let me down and I promise you, it won’t disappoint you, either.  We might not be able to achieve every hope and dream for our life in the first month of the year.  It might sound obvious, but we need to be reminded that the goals that will change our lives will take just that long.

I’ve found that another problem plagues us at the start of every year, which also crushes our power to fulfill our resolutions.  We feel that in order to improve our lives, we have to add to it.  This is WRONG!  In fact, the opposite is true.  If you want to start your year off right, get rid of the clutter in your life and mind. The solution can be found in one word:


———-  S I M P L I F Y  ———-


There is always something you can get rid of–IF YOU’RE BOLD ENOUGH!  I think I have a unique perspective in this discussion because I have been a hoarder for the longest.  Keeping papers and gadgets kept me cluttered and confused for a long time.  I had to learn that a leader is one who can say NO when it really counts.   When you simplify:

  • You can give it all you’ve got.
  • You have less to think about
  • You invite clarity into your life
  • You build your self esteem
  • You embolden to further remove other toxic things


How do you put the axe to unprofitable dead weight?

  1. It doesn’t happen immediately, reflect on what’s ineffective in your life.  Ask, “What’s not working?”
  2. Further examine them by asking, “Why shouldn’t I let go of this ________?”
  3. If you cannot come up with a good reason, it’s time to let go of it.

“Prove to yourself that you can bring better into your life if you put your mind to it.”

Trust me, I know it’s not going to be easy.  You’re probably trying to convince yourself that you might have over reacted and that you don’t really need to take such a drastic measure.  You Absolutely do.  You only have to be courageous enough to follow through.  Prove to yourself that you can bring better into your life if you put your mind to it. Remember that:

  1. No one can force you to change your own life
  2. No one can make decisions for you
  3. Your future deserves the tough choices that you MUST make today

Today, set your sights on the people, places, or things you HAVE TO release at the start of this year.  You don’t lose.  No, you actually get your life back.


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